Who I Am

Hey, I’m Vanessa! Oldest of three sisters. Summer baby in love with Fall. Outdoors enthusiast. Forever a daydreamer. Huge planner of all things fun. Content creator. Weekend warrior. Hippie at heart. Storyteller. Alpine lake dipper. Picture taker. Chocoholic. 

Where I Am

Born and raised in Southern California. Blessed to call the South Bay my home. You’d think I’d be a beach bum instead of a wanna-be mountain goat. The Eastern Sierras are my home away from home; while the San Gabriel mountains is my local backyard.

What I Do

I try to live my life to the fullest. Besides my normal 8-5 office job, I find passion in escaping to the mountains on the weekends, while backpacking, hiking or camping. I enjoy creating memories (as well as content) and collaborating with brands and companies that I believe bring positive change to the outdoors industry. 

Why A Blog?

I like collecting moments. I like to be able to read a story and have it take me back to that certain time. I also enjoy sharing my adventures and experiences with those who appreciate them. If you’re here now reading this, you must have some type of interest in what I do, so THANK YOU so much for your support!