John Muir Trail Day 12: VVR to Bear Ridge Trail

Friday 9/3 After breakfast DAY 12  📍VVR 0 miles

Journal entry: Breakfast @ VVR was nice. Not amazing, but nice to have a warm coked meal that doesn’t include boiling water. Needed ketchup for my potatoes though lol. A glass of water would’ve been nice too. I borrowed a JMT data book to read while I let my phone & charger charge while eating breakfast. Then Bobby asked to sit with me while I ate breakfast. It was nice having conversation with him. He’d been hiking PCT sections since 1975! He’s awesome. He said since he’s met me @ Red’s that I look tougher/stronger. He said, “but that’s what the Sierra will do to ya.” Lol. Ain’t that the truth! Oh- I finally have a load of laundry in the wash! Woo-hoo! First trail shower + first trail laundry. I hope I wasn’t too loud with my sleeping pad last night. But I really thought there were more campers next to me. Decided not to zero here today, but pack up and head out after laundry. Can’t sit around for too long. Oh- and I’m still pretty sure I’m the only solo-solo female-solo hiker-out here. Yep- that’s me.

Still Friday 9/3 6:28 PM DAY 12  📍 by Bear Creek 9.67 miles 5:30hrs.

Journal entry #2: The 8 mile climb, ok I guess it was like 6 mile climb on Bear Ridge trail back to JMT was killing me. A later start after leaving VVR, which was hard to do in the first place. Anyways, not much today but the 6 mile climb back to JMT. I knew exactly when I got back on the JMT, the trail just felt different. I stopped hiking kinda early today, found a pretty awesome site, by a creek, awesome views, but totally seen from the trail. LOL. Ah well, with forest closures way less people on the trail apparently, and it definitely feels like it. Mashed potatoes w/ broccoli & taco bell hot sauce for dinner tonight w/ way too much sour candies. Honestly enjoyed dinner tonight more than VVR. Ah well, experience, right? Pretty peaceful tonight, tomorrow it’s like 6-7 miles to Marie Lake and it’s going to be another shortish day. MTR on Sunday and will resupply there. Prob get rid of a lot of potatoes. Actually, I should figure out food for next resupply section. Early night, might peek out for stars.

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