JMT Day 11: Vermilion Valley Resort + Shower Beer

Thursday 9/2 7:50 AM DAY 11 📍Mono Creek 0 miles hiked

Journal entry: Early morning journaling today. Tried to sleep in, but my body is restless. Feet are tired, not sure, body’s a little sore, but honestly no real complaints. Gaia came back this morning after I realized I probably just switched the map layer lol! Oops. Ah well, at least I figured it out! Yesterday was a long day. I ended up hiking 11.42 miles! Mentally I was ready to stop 2.6 miles ago, but realized I could sleep next to a creek w/running water if I just hiked 2.6 miles further downhill. Yeah- downhill. But I’m learning that downhill takes just as much energy as going up. Grateful that I was going downhill, but I mean total drop in switchbacks. Nice creek though. Awesome site. No views, but that’s ok.

Nervous for VVR tomorrow. Heather says they are open. I honestly don’t see them closing, it’s business. And tbh- out of the thousands of hikers on trail right now, how many really know about the forest closure?! I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again…the smoke conditions are perfect where I’m at, weather is absolutely a blessing and hiking conditions are perfect! I see no reason to get off trail. I do wonder how much more “busy” the trail would be if the Tahoe fire wasn’t happening, forests weren’t closed, and I guess COVID cause honestly there’s NOT THAT MANY PPL HIKING JMT/PCT right now. I run into maybe 5 people a day and most of them are NOBO. I know for sure there are 3 groups SOBO. Two I haven’t seen since Lake Virginia and one couple caught up to me last night and is camping down below the creek.

And then there’s me. Meadow, Sherbet, I haven’t decided a name for myself yet. Lol. Oh at Silver Pass Lake, I finally ran into someone with the same pack, and it was orange! I think he said he and his wife are “Team Marmalade” which I guess has something to do with orange. Last night was warm, I didn’t even sleep with a beanie, and got a little warm in the quilt this morning, yet the sun has yet to pop out. It’s Labor Day this weekend and now it makes sense why they closed the forests. Hoping they open back soon. I have a feeling Whitney isn’t going to be open for summit, if the forests are closed 😦

Still Thursday 9/2 6:07 PM DAY 11 📍 VVR 10.11 miles  6 hrs.

Journal entry #2: When 2.6 miles turns to 9. UGH. Mono Creek trail to VVR was pretty depressing. Everything was burned. VVR is awesome though. I just took a shower. Going to do laundry and have dinner soon. Brush It Off Bobby is here! He’s actually hiking with his daughter, who I ran into yesterday. This place is pretty awesome. The vibe here is everything I needed after today’s hike. 5-mile dry stretch. Sister would be proud of me that I got coconut water before my beer.

Shower was everything. 10-mins was enough to shave and wash my body. Camping at a backpackers camp tonight. Meg welcomed me with a big hug when I got here. Bobby says they aren’t going to ask hikers to leave. So let’s hope so. It’s 6:11 PM going to dinner soon and check my charger. Not sure if I’ll zero here tomorrow, feels like a lot of time. But breakfast sounds awesome! No internet here, but oh well! I’ll journal later.

Dinner was ok. Not a lot of options and the best option was a $32 steak. Lol. I got a curry taco bowl. Yeah- Idk. It wasn’t bad though. It’s now 7:32 PM and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one inside my tent. Everyone is just so social and outgoing. I had 2 beers and I’m feeling good. Kinda want to hit the blunt a few times, but I don’t want to be that person. Oh- random thought: Bobby is a retired nurse LMAO. Going to smoke my pen, call it an early night, listen to Journeys North for a bit. There’s probably like 10-15 hikers here. Kinda cool, lots of guys lol. Pretty sure everyone took Goodale Pass. Maybe that’s why everyone seems to already have their packs of people. Dk what time I’m hitting the trail tomorrow, but I’m getting laundry done and Marie Lake probably in 2 days, which means MTR in 3. My campsite at VVR is literally the first one as you drive into camp. Lol. Only me. It was next to flowers so that’s why I chose it. Maybe I’ll get to socialize a bit. We’ll see, gotta pee.

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One thought on “JMT Day 11: Vermilion Valley Resort + Shower Beer

  1. Been fun reading a bit of your adventure. Good way to reminisce. Likely crossed paths (opposite direction) around the 24th/25th. It’s funny, going NOBO I and felt SOBO was the busiest. SOBO travelers experienced the opposite.

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