John Muir Trail Day 6: Hit 50 Miles & Sisters’ Last Day

Wednesday 8/25  7:47 PM  DAY 6  📍Gladys Lake  6.40 miles  5:28 hrs

Journal Entry: Finally, an afternoon to just chill! This morning was nice. We were up early and on trail by 9:15 AM. After last night near encounter with a bear, I think we were both just ready to ditch that spot. Big climb out of Garnet Lake. Met John, NOBO JMT, he told us to say hi to Corin in blue sweater and it would make her day. We saw her maybe 30 mins later, said hi and it really made her day 😊 She was cute. We then hiked into Rosalie Lake. Before leaving camp, I saw a hiker and wanted to ask if he heard the dog last night. He said no, it was probably a coyote trying to scare off a bear. He thinks maybe a bear was watching over our tent and the coyote was trying to scare it away. He asked where we were headed, Reds Meadow. His name is Bobby, and he is from Monterey County hiking to the Mexican border. After he asked us “what we were worried about?” I deemed him Brush It Off Bobby. Rosalie Lake was beautiful, had we not started early, prob would have camped there. Decided not to rush to Reds Meadow today, and set up camp at Gladys Lake. Pretty chill lake, got in..kinda. Two older men also camping on the other side of the lake. Really windy all day today. Cell phones are 20% and all battery packs are dead. 7 miles to Reds Meadow tomorrow and tonight..last night with sis.

Story: Still a little shaken up from our near bear encounter last night, we woke up early, packed up, and headed back to trail. It was a windy night and a very windy morning, so everything was all sandy and annoying. We ran into one NOBO JMT hiker named John, and he had a hiking partner about 20 minutes behind and told us if we saw her, that her name is Corin and to say hi – it would really make her day. I thought that was really cute, and about half an hour later, we did in fact run into Corin, and telling her Hi and that we ran into John, really did make her day.

The climb up and over Garnet Lake wasn’t too bad, and thankfully it was still early in the morning. We hit JMT Mile 50 today right before hiking into Rosalie Lake. 50 miles and officially our biggest hike ever. Proud of you sis! Headed to Rosalie Lake today for lunch and the goal is to make it 14 miles to Red’s Meadow. Rosalie Lake was originally the lake we were going to camp at the night before, but we didn’t make it that far. It was a beautiful lake though, and I will absolutely be making my way back there someday! We were running a bit short on food, so we didn’t spend too much time here at the lake. Brittany still had pickles left and that was a delicious treat!

We didn’t spend too much time at Rosalie Lake because we still had 9ish miles to Red’s Meadow and we were getting tired. After that climb up and out of Rosalie Lake, we decided that dreading it all the way to Red’s Meadow was not how we wanted to spend sisters’ last day on the JMT. We planned to camp at Glady’s Lake, and so happy that we did. We arrived a few hours before sunset and actually had time to spend hanging out at the lake, rather than trying to make our miles. Glady’s Lake wasn’t anything special, but having the lake to ourselves was nice. 2 guys showed up a little later, but they camped on the opposite side of the lake.

Sunset was pretty neat from our spot, and our friends had mentioned getting service near the ledge. Both with very low batteries and 2 dead battery packs, we decided it would be smart to not turn on our phones and get sucked into civilization, besides still having to make our way to Red’s Meadow tomorrow, we needed to capture some of the hike in, and on our last day.

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