Behind the Trail Scene: A Poem

Forever She Wanders is the story of my existence,

each chapter should be filled with going the distance…

But I truly understand that can’t always be the pace,

I’ve challenged myself to sit with my feelings,

that I’ve learned to embrace.

I look forward to the day I get to look back and say,

That Iโ€™m proud to have followed my dreams.

As I sit on the couch with the fear of missing out,

I present to you, Behind the Trail Scene.

It’s not always alpine lakes and waterfalls,

clear blue skies and sunny days.

Nope- I’m not always on the open road, hitting the trails,

or have calendars filled with adventure days.

You see, some days, if not most-

I’m working a normal job, and I sit a behind desk.

My Instagram looks pretty, but my life is surely a mess.

I deal with personal issues, that I’ve chosen not to share.

But I see how important it is, to be more self-aware.

Time spent on the trail, with the challenges that I face,

helps me grow internally and puts the mind in a better place.

Each and every day, a new blank page, and presented with a choice.

Chapter by chapter, as my story is being written from the words of a curious voice.

Written by: Vanessa Temblador

Posted by

Vanessa is an outdoors enthusiast, hiker at heart, and the storyteller behind Forever She Wanders; a women's lifestyle + travel blog inspiring all to get outdoors, seek adventure and live an active lifestyle. As an outdoors enthusiast, Vanessa has found passion in being outdoors while backpacking, camping, hiking and creating memories of a lifetime.

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